About Autism Canada


Autism Canada has been the hub of knowledge and understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder in Canada since 1976. Our mandate is to work collaboratively to champion ASD priorities.   We curate the exchange of information between individuals with ASD, families, professionals, researchers, governments and the public. Autism Canada actively encourages the sharing of best practices and programs, and advocates passionately for Canadians living with autism.

Autism Canada is a robust and efficient organization with hope, vision and a commitment to make a real difference for Canadians living with autism and their families. We bring national initiatives forward so that our collective voice is heard.

The strategic objectives of Autism Canada focus on changing the future for those living with autism and their families. We are committed to creating and advocating for universal access to the best treatments, services and supports.

Autism Canada has been accredited by Imagine Canada since 2013. The Imagine Canada Standards Program awards accreditation to charities and non-profits that demonstrate excellence in 73 standards. To date, 150 organizations have invested in trust!

The 73 Standards are focused into five areas:

  • Board Governance
  • Financial Accountability and Transparency
  • Fundraising
  • Staff Management
  • Volunteer Involvement

Why is this accreditation so important? By adhering to these standards, donors can trust that Autism Canada’s operations are transparent and its organizational structure is strong.