Tips & Tricks

All great events start with people like you.  The first step is to build your team!  Anyone can do it.  You can be from a school, a company or even a department in a company.

  • Start Today! The sooner you begin, the better.  This will give you more time to attract more people, gather more funds and even have time to follow-up.  (Not everyone remembers to donate the first time you ask, but are grateful when you remind them.)
  • Set a Fundraising Goal.  Be ambitious and set yourself up for success.  Setting a realistic yet ambitious goal lets people know you are determined to get it done. This will inspire others to help you achieve it.
  • Donate to yourself first.  No one wants to be the first to add their name, so invest in your team first!  This not only gets the ball rolling but it tells people you are serious about your cause.  Others will be more inclined to support you.
  • Build a list. Know who you intend to ask for support.  This list should include people like your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, teammates and more.  People like to be supportive and they like to give; give them that chance to support you!
  • Don’t be shy.  Don’t be afraid to ask for support.  This cause is important to you and you should be proud to be doing something to support it.  If they don’t donate, that’s okay! You are still raising awareness just by talking about it.  You never know, they may be your biggest supporter next time!
  • Tell your story. People like to know why you are supporting a cause. If you have personal story, share it.  Again, if nothing else you are raising awareness and we all benefit from that.  Update your personal page with your own story and be sure to add some photos as well. People need to know who they are supporting and why they are giving.
  • Follow up.  Most of us are super busy and if we don’t donate the first time you ask, it’s probably because we got busy and forgot.   Don’t be afraid to send a friendly reminder email.  You’d be surprised how many people appreciate the reminder.
  • Say Thank You!  Please and Thank You are not just good manners, they go a long way!  A personal thanks to those who support your event shows them you care about their contribution.  After the event be sure to share a photo from the day and share your success. This will go a long way, and help your efforts the following year.
  • Share, share, share!  At every stage of your fundraising activities, be sure to share, post, tweet your pictures and stories to your personal and professional social media pages.  Your friends will love feeling like their part of your event and to hear how successful your event is becoming.

Most of all, have fun!